Injera Creation (Machine and Teff) ለእንጀራ የሚያስፈልጉን

                      What we need to make authentic injera.

-large plastic container (not metal) with a lid (mixing container)

-sefed( plating reed grass ) or mesabiya ( a flat made from palm leaves )- used to take out injera from mittad when baking  

-Mesob ( a big tray )

-Injera mitad with Aluminum lid nonstick electric injera Mitad. People use this to make Authentic Injera in North America

– 1  Niat Electric Grill For Injera – Mitad, Mogogo 16″

2-WASS Electronics Mitad 16″

Both you can order online or you can buy from Ethiopian market . And also you can get from Amazon.

-Teff Flour

You can make injera by mixing different Crops such as teff, millet, sorghum, maize,barley,  wheat, rice etc There are also different type of teff. White teff (Ivory teff) , red teff ,Brown teff and mixed teff.

American grown Maskal Teff. produced in Idaho. ( Ivory Teff and Brown Teff).

you can buy from Ethiopian store or online