Teff Kita (Teff  tortilla or pita) የጤፍ ቂጣ

                How to make Teff Kita


Teff flour or teff flour mix with (Rye, Oat, Wheat or All purpose flour ) (whatever  you have )



Mix Teff flour and salt in a container. Add water mix well by hand. Make a thick paste. Make the dough like pancake batter. Turn on the stove and Place frying pan. When the pan warm enough add the paste.  When one side cook turns to another side. Cook both 3-4 minutes side by flipping each side. When it’s ready to take out. Make pita as much as you or your family like to eat. Teff Kita (Teff tortilla)You can eat with any sauce ( Ethiopian wat, Vegetable stew, gomen)  like the burrito. Enjoy