Teff Injera Kategna – ቃተኛ

         Teff Injera Kategna


1 piece of fresh baked Injera or old

3 to 4 tbs of clarified butter( Ethiopian  kibbee) or olive oil (You can add to the oil

1 to 2 tsp  of berbere according to how spicy to you like


Melt the butter or use olive oil  mix with berbere( If you use olive oil  add some Korerima, Koseret in a sauce pan just for few minute to taste butter) .  Spread it on the fresh  injera like you are buttering bread leave it on the mitad until it become just a little crispy . If it is not fresh turn the oven or mitad heat for about 10 -15 minutes  until it become just a little crispy . enjoy