safflower with injera (suf fitfit) ሱፍ ፍትፍት

    safflower with injera (suf fitfit) ሱፍ ፍትፍት


1-2 cup Safflower seeds

1 or 2 tomatoes

1 onion  jalapeno pepper (green hot pepper)

Salt and pepper

2 cup water

rue(Tenadam) (optional)


Rinse the safflower seeds with cold water. Bring to a boil for 15 minutes or until soft. Don’t drain.Place the cooked safflower seeds in a food process( blender). Add water( don’t add all the water ) blend until all the seeds are crushed.strain into a container, Discard the safflower sediments, keep few minutes in a regulator. chop onion, pepper, and tomatoes and mix with safflower sauce. Add salt mix well break injera in small pieces and add into the sauce.mix well. Add rue(Tenadam) Serve it cold