Teff kita fir-fir with home made yogurt(Chechebsa) የጤፍ ቂጣ ፍርፍር በእርጎ(ጨጨብሳ)

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Teff Kita fir- fir with homemade yogurt


Teff flour  mix with Oat,  All-purpose flour or Rye  (mix with any flour  )

1/4 cup Olive oil or butter –

1 tbs Berbere (Ethiopian  a chile pepper and spice blend )


For yogurt homemade Yogurt.

1-gallon milk or ½ gallon milk
Yogurt Starter : 3 tbs Plain yogurt Full-fat natural yogurt store-bought yogurt (for the first time after that you can use the homemade one)
Oster yogurt machine
1-gallon milk or ½ gallon milk



Pour milk into the pot and turn heat to medium-low. Warm the milk on the stove over medium heat. Do not boil. Let the milk cool down a little bit and Use a spoon to lift off any film that gathers on top of the milk that formed. Discard the film. Mix 3 tbsp yogurt starter stir with warm milk in a cup and whisk to combine. Then mix into the boiled milk. pour into the plastic lids or use 6 Cup Rectangular glass food storage Containers to make a large amount of yogurt. Place in the yogurt maker. Put on the lid, plugin, and turn it on, no need to monitor. Leave yogurt in the yogurt maker overnight or for 6 hours or more, depending on how you like your yogurt, that is your personal taste like a very tart or not. you can stop in the morning if you like it on the milder side. Take out and keep in the refrigerator 1-2 hr to be firm then put it in the strainer into the square tray is easier to strain .and keep in the refrigerator the container while straining or use Nut milk bag to strain. Both are reusable drain the whey. The yogurt is thick, rich, and creamy.

Teff Kita:-


Mix Teff flour and salt in a container. Add water knead it well by hand for about 5 minutes. put a plastic cover and let it rest for about 5 -10 minutes. Make the dough like pancake batter. Turn on mitted or (the stove and Place frying pan). When the Mittad warm add 1 tbsp oil. put small portion and spread by hand. When one side cook turns to the other side. Cook both 3-4 minutes side by flipping each side. When it’s ready to take out. Make 2-3 pita. When the pita cools down cut into small pieces. Turn on the heat. Set the pan to low heat. add clarified butter or herb-infused olive oil and add berbere. Mix Berbere with butter or olive oil. when it’s a warm turn off the heat. Add the pita. Mix well by your hand with berbere paste. you can have breakfast, Snack, any time of the day.

If you use olive oil or other oil Infuse with Korerima and Koseret. so the oil tastes clarified butter. Enjoy