Injera mixing Teff and Barley የጤፍ እና የገብስ እንጀራ

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     How to make injera mixing teff and barley


3 cup teff and 1 cup barley

Large plastic container with the lid


measuring cup

Jug (mazoria)

Safed (made from reed grass or palm leave)

Dry yeast(For the first time)

pinch of fenugreek powder (optional)


For the first time mix one teaspoon of dry yeast with the teff flour and water. mix it well. Wash your hand. Add teff flour and barley flour into the container. You can weight the flour according to how many injeras you want to make. Use cold water (room temperature). Incorporate the flour with yeast, add little water at a time. To make a nice injera you have to knead the dough very well with hand. Knead for 15 or more minutes. The more you knead the better injera you get. Don’t add more water in the dough. For barley flour make a hard dough. Let stand the dough in the container at the warm spot for 3 days for proper fermentation. This depends on the conditions in your house. The dough smelled an unpleasant odor that is a sign of growing a good bacteria not harmful. At the end of the 2nd day add cold water. On the 3rd day, you can pour out the water. Add 2 cup of water in a saucepan and mix 1/2 cup of teff flour (mixing the teff flour with cold water helps not to have lumps) and turn on the stove stir continuously until it becomes smooth by a wooden stirrer, use medium heat. When it becomes smooth and thick and bubble. Turn off the stove and take out of the saucepan from the fire. (it is like gruel) it helps for preparing proving dough. Let stand to cool down. Add a few cold water to make it cool shortly. Then add to the batter. Thin the batter using the cold water. Cover and wait until rising double. After a few minutes, it will be double. Mix the batter and plug the mitaad to be warm. Before You start baking injera rub the mitaad by a piece of cloth. Which gives the mittad smooth surface. Pour the batter onto mitad in a circular motion. Starting in the big circular at the outer circle of the mittad and going inwards, again and again, ending at the center to fill the mittad and wait until all bubbles are raised then cover the lid wait 2 to 3 minutes. When you see the steam open the lid, at one edge slightly lift injera and insert the safaed between injera and mitaad. Then take it out. Keep the injera for 1 or 2 minutes to cool down then transfer. Before you finish all the batter every time you have to save one cup for the next round of dough making. Keep in the fridge and use it as a starter to make dough for injera. you don’t need dry yeast. When you want to make Injera dough take out from the fridge and leave it out a few minutes before you start preparing the dough.

you can buy  barley from Ethiopian store or

                  የጤፍ እና የገብስ እንጀራ
ለማዘጋጀት ሚያስፈልጉ ግብዓቶች
3ኩባያ ጤፍ
1 ኩባያ ገብስ 
የዳቦ እርሾ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ
ትንሽ የአብሽ ዱቄት
ማዞሪያ (ጆግ)

በመጀመሪያ 1 ማንኪያ እርሾ እና የጤፍ ደቄት መበጥበጥ። እጅን ታጥቦ በማቡኪያው ዕቃ ውስጥ የጤፍ ደቄት ፣  የገብስ ዱቄት የበጠበጥንውን እርሾ መጨመር ። ዱቄቱን መጠን እንደ ሰዉ ፍላጎት ከዛም በንጹይ እጅ ውሃ ትንሽ ትንሽ እየጨመሩ በደንብ አዋህዶ ማሸት። ጥሩ እንጀራ ለመጋገር በደንብ አድርጎ ማሸት ጥሩ ነው። ውሀ ሳይበዛ በይጥቅሉ ቡኮውን ለሶስት ቀን መጠነኛ ሙቀት ባለበት ቦታ ማስቀመጥ። በሁለተኛው ቀን ውሀ መጨመር  ሽታ ቢኖረውም ምንም እይደል በደንብ ሲቦካ ነው። በሶስተኛ ቀን ውሀውን ማጥለል። ሁለት ሲኒ ቀዝቃዛ ውሀ እና ግማሽ ሲኒ የጤፍ ደቄት በቀዝቃዛ ውሀ በጥብጦ በብረድስት አብሲት መጣል በውሀ አቅጥነን አብሲቱን ስንሰራ አይጋጉልም ።አብሲቱ ውፈር ሲል እናወጣለን ከዚያ በኋላ ቀዝቃዛ ውሃ ጣል አድርጎ እንዲቀዘቅዝ ማቆየት። ሲቀዘቅዝ አብሹን በውሀ መበጥበጥ መምታት።አብሹ እና አብሲቱን  መጨመር ለእንጀራ መጋገር እስከሚሆን ድረስ ማቅጠን ኩፍ እስከሚል ማቆየት። ኩፍ ሲል ምጣድ አሙቆ በትንሽ ጨርቅ አስሶ በቀጭኑ ማዞር እና አይን ሲያወጣ መክደን። ከሁለት ሰከንድ በሓላ እንፈሎት ስናይ መክፈትና ማውጣት። እንደዙሁ እያደረግን መጋገር። ከመጨረሳችን በፊት ለሚቀጥለው ጊዜ እርሾ እንዲኮሆነን ከሊጡ በእቃ ማስቅረት እና እፍሪጅ ወስጥ ማስቀመጥ በሚቀጥነው ለመጋገር ስንፈልር እርሾ አያስፈልገንም ይሄንን ያስቀረነውን ሊጥ ከፍሪጅ አውጥተን ለትንሽ ደቂቃ አስቀምጠን ማብከት እንችላላን