Mitten shiro Wot (Chickpea wot) ምጥን ሸሮ

                              Mitten Shiro  Wot (Chickpea Wot) ምጥን ሸሮ


Mitten Shiro (Chickpea blend with spices, herbs, and berbere)

2 chopped onion(finely chopped)

2 cloves garlic (minced )

1/4 cup olive oil or any cooking oil




in a medium pot add oil and onions.Stir frequently until a bit of light brown color.Add Shiro, stir well so that no lumps form, Whisk until mixture is very smooth. add water simmer for few minutes then finely add garlic and add more water and Salt. Let cook on low heat 25-30 minute until the flavors combine and the oil separates slightly from the Shiro. Serve hot with Injera