Authentic Injera mixing Teff and Sorghum flour የጤፍ እና የማሽላ እንጀራ

How to make injera  mixing teff and Sorghum flour


3 cup teff and 1 cup Sorghum flour

Large plastic container  with lid


measuring cup

Jug (mazoria)

Sefed (made from reed grass or palm leave)

Dry yeast(For first time)


First mix the 1 teaspoon  dry yeast with the teff flour and water. You can use dry yeast for first time. Wash your hand. Add teff flour and sorghum flour into the container. You can measure according  how many injera you want to make . Use cold water room temperature. Incorporate the flour with yeast add little water at a time. To make nice injera you have to knead the dough very well with hand. Knead for 15 or more minutes. The more you knead the better injera you get. Don’t add more water in the dough . Let stand the mixture warm spot for 2 days until ferment. This depend on the conditions in your house. The dough smell unpleasant odor that is a sign of growing a good bacteria not harmful. At the end of 2nd day add cold  water.  At the 3rd day you can pour out the water.  Remove the top of the water and the rest save it by container you use it to thin the batter. Add 2 cup of water in a saucepan and mix 1/2 cup of teff batter( mixing the batter with cold water  helps not to have lumps ) and turn on the stove  stir continuously until become smooth by wooden stirrer,  use medium heat. When it become smooth and thick turn off the stove and take out of the saucepan from the fire.  Let stand to cool down.  Add some cold water to make it cool . Thin the batter using the same water.  Cover and wait until rising double. After few minute it will be double. Mix the batter and plug the mitad to be warm.  Before You start baking injera  rub the mitad by piece of cloth. Pour the batter onto mitad in a circular motion. Starting in a big circle of the mitad and going inward onto the mitad and wait until you see fully all foams are out bubble then cover the lid wait 2 to 3 minutes. When you see the steam open the lid, the edges of injera will lift from mitad. Then take it out by sefed. Before you finish all the batter you have to save one cup  every time you bake injera . Keep in the fridge and use it as a starter to make injera next time you don’t need dry yeast. Next time to make Injera take out from the fridge and leave it out few minute before you start preparing dough.

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