layerd Teff injera (Anebabero) አነባበሮ


Anbabero is two layered injera baked together like a layered cake. there is no need to wait several days to ferment like injera it takes one day.anebabero is fermented for a few hours it is fresh. We can bake Anebabero by Teff Flour or mix, oats, sorghum with teff.

How to make Anebabero


Small plastic container with a lid
Teff Flour or mix Teff flour with sorghum or oat or rice
1tsp Dry Yeast
lukewarm water
measuring cup
Spice (coriander, Nigella sativa Black seed (Tikur azmud), Fenugreek(Abish ,Caraway Nech azmud) powder 1tsp each(berbere) Red pepper powder
Jug (mazoria)
Sefed (made from reed grass or palm leave)

Start with dry yeast or use by teff injera starter that you save leftover injera batter

First, add 1tsp of dry yeast mix with 1tsp sugar add lukewarm water add teff flour add salt then add the spice and mix it all together knead well about 10 to 15minute make it thin dough not like injera just like pancake batter. Then cover it and let the mixture stand for 12 hr until the dough rises. Make sure the batter is not too thick. If the batter thick add some lukewarm water thickness should have to be like pancake batter. Add 2 cup of water in a saucepan and mix 1/2 cup of teff batter( mixing the batter with cold water helps not to have lumps ) and turn on the stove stir continuously until become smooth by a wooden stirrer, use medium heat. When it becomes a smooth and thick turn off the stove and take out of the saucepan from the fire. Let stand to cool down. Add some cold water to make it cool. Thin the batter using the same water. Cover and wait until rising double. After few minutes it will be double. Mix the batter and plug the mitad to be warm. Before You start baking injera rub the mitad with a piece of cloth. Pour the batter onto mitad in a circular motion. Starting in a big circular of the mitad and going inward onto the mitad and wait until you see fully all foams are out bubble then cover the lid wait 2 to 3 minutes. When you see the steam open the lid, the edges of injera will lift from mitad. Then take it out by sefed. Pour the batter for the second injera and quickly place first injera on the top of second injera before fully all foams then cover the lid wait 2 to 3 minutes when you the steam open the lid and take out by sefed. Mix berbere with Clarified butter or olive oil and Spread the mix on the double layer of Injera ( Anebabero) or you can spread honey, jam or grind niger seed (nug)make paste (nug)ኑግ Spread the paste whatever you like can spread cut it in pieces .it can be snack or breakfast or for the party. enjoy